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Hair Trends: Taking The Platinum Plunge?

BEAUTY NEWS | 28 April 2017

Hair Trends: Taking The Platinum Plunge?

With supermodel, Cara Delevingne, recently showing off a new ice-white hair colour, are you brave enough to turn the blondest of blondes?

If you fancy channelling your inner Marilyn Monroe, there couldn’t be a better time. Platinum hair is well and truly back on trend this summer, thanks to Cara and the steady stream of other A-list celebs who’ve been reaching for the bleach – Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart, to name but a few. But how achievable is this super-glam look?

“Anyone can go platinum, but be warned, it’s a high maintenance look,” says Steve Robinson, Art Director at Electric Hair London. “If you do decide to take the plunge, you need to be fully committed to your new look, as you’ll be back at the salon every 5-6 weeks to maintain the colour and tone. The first step is to make an appointment with your stylist, who can talk through the process with you and give you an idea of just how long it’s going to take.”

The transition to perfect white blonde can take up to 12 months for some clients, especially people with darker hair, Steve points out. “Before you apply bleach, it’s really important to remove all traces of other colourants first to avoid damaging the hair and this can take time.  If you rush the process you can end up with damaged hair that feels dry and brittle.”

“Anyone can go platinum, but be warned, it’s a high maintenance look,” says Steve Robinson, Art Director at Electric Hair London.

So what happens if you decide you want to go back? Unless you have naturally blonde hair you’ll need to keep dying over the bleached areas while your hair grows. As this can be a timely process, going for the chop is often the best option.



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