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10 Top Time Saving Beauty Hacks

BEAUTY TIPS | 7 September 2017

Top 10 Time Saving Beauty Hacks

In a mad rush with not a minute to spare? Then check out our ten top beauty hacks to help get you out of the house on time and looking your best!

Give lashes a boost

Eyelash extensions can save you valuable mascara time every morning. A full set should set you back anything from £65 – £120 but bear in mind, you’ll need to go for infills every few weeks to keep them looking perfect. Alternatively, an LVL lash lift will straighten and lift your natural lashes and tint them for a long-lasting mascara effect that costs £45 and lasts around 6-8 weeks.

Define your brows

Beautiful brows can instantly open up the eye area. But if you don’t have the time to spend shaping and shading yours, you might want to invest in Microblading. It’s fast become a beauty buzzword and involves depositing tiny amounts of pigment with a needle in feather-light strokes. Expect to pay around £300 for a result that can last anything from a year to three years.

Instant eyeliner (no precision needed!)

Too late to apply your liquid eyeliner in a perfect flick?  Don’t despair. You can cheat by using your mascara brush to smudge a little extra product along your lid line. Then take an angled brush and carefully blend it into a neatly smudged line. Sorted.

Quick nail makeover

Polished nails can complete any day or night time look but if you don’t have time to wait while your new colours dry, have a bowl of iced water at the ready and dip your freshly painted talons into it. The chill factor should speed up the setting process.

Sweet smelling hair

Not had time to shampoo and condition? If your hair is in desperate need of a deep cleanse, reach for the dry shampoo to tide you over. Otherwise a light mist of perfume sprayed into the bristles of your hairbrush will give you delicately scented locks in seconds.

Foundation cheat

When the school run calls or you’re dashing out for a meeting, a few drops of foundation mixed into your regular moisturiser should provide enough light, even coverage to keep you looking polished.

Night time tanning

Apply a light layer of self-tan at night time and you’ll wake up with an instant morning glow that shouldn’t call for too much make up. Dust a lightweight illuminator on your cheekbones and you’ll be ready to face the day.

Red lipstick

A swipe of vibrant red lipstick can create the illusion that you’re meticulously made up. It’s a miracle worker.

Instant brows

Only got seconds to tame your brows? Apply thin layer of lip balm to your finger and gently sweep it along each brow to smooth and sculpt any stray hairs.


Multi-use products can spend valuable time spent scrabbling about in the bottom of your makeup bag when you’re in a rush. A cream brusher can double up nicely as an instant tint for lips and your favourite brown eyeliner can be a lifesaver if you need any last minute eyebrow filling.



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