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7 Tops Tips for Winter Skincare

BEAUTY TIPS | 9 November 2017

7 Top Tips for Winter Skincare

Brrrr…winter’s here and with the accompanying cold weather comes central heating, log fires and snuggly jumpers. But while wrapping up warm and cosy can feel rather nice, the combination of low humidity and a hot house can play havoc with your skin when you get in from the cold.

Read on for our top tips for battling winter skin and stay soft, smooth and moisturised from now until Spring!

Drink lots of water

If your skin is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles can appear much deeper and defined. Drinking plenty of water daily plumps up skin cells and also helps flush out impurities and improve circulation for healthy-looking glow.

Moisturise regularly

As the seasons change, you might want to review your skincare regime. Dry-prone skin especially could benefit from a richer oil-based moisturiser formula once the temperature drops. We’d always recommend keeping a Lypsyl lip balm at the ready to help prevent chapped winter lips too. Our Lypsyl value packs make it easier to ensure you have one at the ready in every drawer and handbag!

Sleep with the heating off.

Switching the heating down or off at bedtime could not only help you save energy and money, it may help protect your skin from dehydration too. If your room feels excessively toasty, fill a bowl with water and leave it to evaporate. The more humid the air, the less moisture lost.

Slather on the sunscreen!

Winter rays can be just as damaging to your skin as summer sunlight, so a broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended. Don’t forget the delicate skin on your lips either. Lypsyl SPF50 has all the nourishing ingredients of classic Lypsyl to protect and help repair chapped lips, with an extra boost of UVA and UVB protection, so it’s ideal.

Ration your hot baths

A hot bubble bath might be especially tempting when it’s cold outside, but too many can break down the skin’s protective lipid barrier. This can result in tight, dry skin, so stay in the water for a shorter amount of time and apply moisturiser all over afterwards.

Wear a scarf

A cosy scarf can help double up as a handy lip protector in when temperature and humidity is low Wrap your favourite one around your chin and lips to help keep out the cold.

Pamper your hands

It can be hard to keep your hands soft and hydrated in wintry weather, especially as the skin there is naturally thinner with fewer oil glands. So always wear gloves when you’re washing up and keep a pair of gloves at the ready whenever you’re venturing out in the cold.



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