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Hair Trend: ‘Banana Buns’ Are Go


Hair Trend: ‘Banana Buns’ Are Go

Nothing beats a good old fashioned ponytail when you need to sweep up your locks at short notice but watch out, there’s a new trendy ‘up do’ in town and it’s loose, low and messy!

The Banana Bun hairstyle (we didn’t make up the name, promise) has been trending all over Pinterest and looks set to be one of this summer’s go-to looks. But before you reach for your hair brush and spray, this laidback re-working of the classic chignon is anything but sleek, which makes it conveniently easy to create.

Watch out, there’s a new trendy ‘up do’ in town and it’s loose, low and messy!

There’s no specific structure required, as long as all the action is happening at the nape of your neck, in the middle or at the side. Twist, scrunch, gather and tuck into a messy mass and secure with a hair tie or a few hair grips, making sure you leave plenty of flyaways (the more unruly the end result, the better) and you’re good to go. It really is that simple and that’s why it’s such a great quick fix, perfect festival hair. Our top tip? Run some styling product through your hair first to give it some texture and help it stay effortlessly in place.



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