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Hot New Trend - Upside Down Eyeliner

BEAUTY TIPS | 29 March 2017

Hot New Trend - Upside Down Eyeliner

Isn’t it just typical? Just when we’d finally mastered the cat eye flick, makeup goes all upside down! Reverse eyeliner, where most of the product is worn underneath the eye, is all the rage for spring and for the most part it’s easy enough to achieve. Simply swipe a bright liner or shadow along your lower lids, smudge and off you go.

If bold, bright colours are your thing, great. Just try and stick to shades that will complement your natural eye colour is our top tip.  Speaking to Refinery 29, celebrity make-up artist, Tasha Reiko Brown, agrees, suggesting aubergine shades to bring out the iciness of blue eyes. Pinky tones compliment green eyes nicely, she says, and gold works beautifully if your eyes are brown or hazel. Whatever colour liner you pick (nude and black are fine too btw), the general rule says steer clear of thick solid lines, which can make your eyes look smaller than they are. Instead, get blending to create a diffused line of colour that’s softer and much more flattering.

While creating a bright blur of under eye colour might sound easy, perfecting an upside down cat eye flick can require a bit more skill and concentration.

Before you get started, prepare the eye area with a cooling eye gel first to remove any puffiness then give any dark circles the once over with with a light concealer. Dust both eyelids with a light taupe shadow next to create an even base. Liquid liner comes next; carefully applied to both the upper and lower lash line. This is the tricky part, so take your time.

To complete your flick, accentuate the upper lids by sloping your liner up slightly towards your temples. Then do the same on your lower lids, sloping down at the inner corners very gently towards your nose. An eye pencil works well for this part of the process, as it’ll give you a softer line. It’s also a bit more forgiving if you’re an upside down novice!

Check out some cat eye mastery by celebrity makeup artist Pat MCGrath on Instagram @patmcgrathreal



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