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Lemon Water. Fad Or Fabulous?

BEAUTY TIPS | 6 December 2016

Lemon Water. Fad Or Fabulous?

Had your lemon fix today?

Hollywood A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce are said to swear by theirs, but does swapping your morning brew for a dose of warm water and lemon really do wonders for your health?  Nutritionists can’t seem to agree it’s fabulously good or just a fad, but type ‘lemonwater’ into your Instagram search and you’ll be bombarded with an endless stream of pictures posted by the world’s lemon water drinking community (and there are loads of them!).

Does swapping your morning brew for a dose of warm water and lemon really do wonders for your health?

Start the day off with lemon water

Advocates of the zesty stuff claim this super-hydrating drink helps to kick start the digestive system first thing, so that it’s better able to absorb nutrients efficiently as the day goes on. Lemon peel has also been shown in studies to prevent weight gain and fat build up.  Simply throw the lemon peel into the warm lemon water along with the juice. That’s a benefit we can all appreciate.

Although they seem quite acidic, once metabolized lemons also have an alkalizing effect, which can reduce the risk of inflammation and help balance the body’s natural pH levels.  The list of lemony benefits doesn’t end there.

Regular lemon consumption has also been associated with liver health and although no formal studies have been carried out, some experts suggest a daily cleanse can boost liver function and help it flush out any toxic substances that could be damaging your health.


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