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Make Up Primers, Be Primed and Ready

BEAUTY TIPS | 23 January 2017

Make Up Primers, Be Primed and Ready

It’s not enough to apply your make up these days. You’ve got to be fully primed first.

There are primers you apply underneath foundation, primers to prepare your eyelashes and primers to plump your lips. And let’s not forget the primers that may help you look more youthful by camouflaging wrinkles and the ones that promise to prolong your suntan.

It’s not enough to apply your make up these days. You’ve got to be fully primed first.

You can even buy a primer to plaster on before you apply your facemask to make your skin more receptive to its beauty benefits. Hair and make-up primer might be the latest beauty buzz word but with so many of them to wade through at the skincare counter, how do you know which ones are really worth the investment?

The beauty world has gone primer mad. And why do we need all these base layers anyway? The common consensus is that they may help your make-up stay put for longer and experts explain that priming products also do for skin and hair what a set of lovely lingerie does for your favourite outfit. They cleverly conceal, flatter and hide any lumps and bumps, creating a lovely smooth base layer. Make-up should glide on with ease once you’ve been ‘primed’ and stay put longer too. Nails will stay nourished and pampered and hair protected.

A can’t-live-without for your daily make-up kit? Perhaps not. But definitely one for the wish list.

PS) Ever tried applying a coat of Lypsyl underneath your lipstick…?


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