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Meet Ollie & Dora, the stars of Lypsyl. Ollie is a farmer from Nottinghamshire, and despite his tough exterior is #SOFTWHEREITMATTERS. We love Ollie because family comes first and his work ethic is infectious. He isn’t afraid to get stuck into hard tasks, but he’s also a big softie at heart – and was the perfect choice to be the star of Lypsyl. Plus, he has a very cute dog!

Lypsyl Ollie Farmer

Meet Ollie

Name: Ollie Collingham
Age: 29
Occupation: Farmer
From: Nottinghamshire
Favourite Lypsyl: Cherry & Almond

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A day on the farm with Ollie and Dora

Lypsyl Dora Dog

Meet Dora

Name: Dora
Age: 1
Occupation: Top dog
From: Nottinghamshire
Favourite pastime: Sleeping by the fire and looking cute

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